FTE2/6004 and INH all-water tanks from 3 to 8 m3 with integrated pre-filter - in PE

An all-water pit is a pre-treatment structure intended to retain the settling materials present in waste water from a home. Domestic waste water are the water valves (WC, ...) and grey water (room baths, kitchens, laundries). A complete purification system consists of an all-water pit and a treatment system annex (sand lter, spreading network, compact filter ZEOMOP or BIONUT ..).

The pre-filter integrated into the all-water pit is located at the exit.Reliable and secure, it protects against premature clogging of the downstream treatment device (sand filter, network spreading ...) by retaining the un-decanted particles. His manipulation and its maintenance are simple.

To avoid all risks the release of floats during maintenance visits, the system automatically closes the output to the processing device downstream.

The interministerial order of 07/09/09 provides for the following minimum dimensions :

No. of main rooms
Minimum usable volume
SIMOP references
5 3m3 INP03000
6 4m3 IBH04000
7 5m3 IBH05000
8 6m3 INH06000
10 8m3 INH08000

Refer to the PHPE installation manual before handling and installing the tank.
The polyethylene pits are insensitive to corrosion and can not require no special maintenance. In accordance with the decree Ministerial meeting of 07/09/09, it is necessary to carry out an emptying the volume of sludge reaches 50% of the water volume of the pit. Do not empty the units during periods of heavy rainfall. Pre-filter maintenance is done with a water jet, removing it if necessary.
No ventilation tapping is planned on the pit. The primary and secondary ventilation must be carried out respectively upstream and downstream of the pit (see standard XP P16-603, ex DTU 64.1, available from AFNOR).
Biennial guarantee. The winery benefits from a 20-year anti-corrosion guarantee.