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SIMOP’s field of expertise is wide-ranging. We offer solutions for :

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Wastewater treatment

The management, treatment and purification of wastewater is a social issue. Indeed, wastewater can be the source of a number of nuisances or illnesses, so it’s crucial to follow the regulations in force.

rainwater treatment

Rainwater treatment

Rainwater is a resource, not a waste product, and should be treated as a precious commodity and recycled. It can be stored for reuse.

When it runs off waterproofed areas, it is laden with pollutant particles and must be treated before returning to its natural cycle.

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Roads and networks

SIMOP offers a range of manholes, water lifting devices and flooring products to direct wastewater, regulate flows and maintain the network.


Security & storage

SIMOP’s product catalog also includes retention bins and pallets, and road safety equipment.

Subcontract industrial parts according to your needs

Whether in polyethylene, composite materials or metals and alloys, SIMOP subcontracting division can meet your most unusual requirements for a wide variety of industrial applications.
Our sales department, for the development and finalization of your project, combined with our strong industrial potential, enables us to recommend the most advantageous technical and industrial subcontracting solution.


​​​The rotational molding technique involves heating polyethylene beads in an oven, before pouring them into a mold. Under the effect of temperature, the polyethylene powder melts and the rotation of the mold presses the material against the walls. After cooling, the polyethylene solidifies to form a rigid, watertight vessel.

Filament winding involves weaving glass fiber into successive, criss-crossing layers which, combined with a resin, form a shell that can be several meters long.

SIMOP also designs and manufactures steel and stainless steel appliances.

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Rotational molding

Filament winding

Steel manufacturing

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A complete range of solutions

SIMOP manufactures product solutions for the environment. These innovative solutions enable the treatment, storage and reuse of wastewater and rainwater.
SIMOP also offers solutions for roadways and safety-related equipment.
Roads and Networks
Security & Storage

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