Grease treatment

Grease trap operating principle

  1. Water inlet
  2. Sludge trap
  3. Partitioning (certain models only)
  4. Floating grease sheet
  5. Siphoid outlet

Grease separators are designed to treat water likely to be polluted by animal and/or vegetable fats before being discharged into the sewer system or the natural environment.

Many countries require the treatment of all types of waste, particularly bio-waste. Vegetable and animal oils and fats fall into the latter category, and must therefore be taken into account and treated. These fats need to be captured in a suitable system, which will then prevent clogging of the networks.

What’s more, most regional and even local regulations prohibit the discharge into wastewater of elements likely to harm the environment or public health. Catering professionals therefore equip themselves with treatment systems adapted to their activity.

Grease treatment grease separator

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