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Manholes provide access to pipes for inspection, condition monitoring and maintenance. New operating techniques mean that manholes do not always have to be visible: inspection, testing and cleaning equipment are now housed in narrower manholes than before. Different sizes of inspection and service box manholes are defined in accordance with standard NF EN 476.

connection box standard

Connection boxes :
⦁ DN/ID < 800
⦁ allow the introduction of cleaning, inspection and testing equipment, but do not permit personnel access.

manhole with access standard

Manhole with access :
⦁ 800 < DN/ID > 1000
⦁ for the introduction of cleaning and inspection equipment, occasional access for a person equipped with a harness.

Visitable manhole 1

Visitable manhole:
⦁ DN/ID >/= 1000
⦁ for cleaning and inspection, accessible by personnel.

According to fascicule 70, the maximum distance between two consecutive manholes is set by the contract, but may not exceed 80 meters: changes in direction, slope, diameter and multiple connections are made within a manhole itself.
Visimop therefore refers to a series of European and ISO standards: NF EN 476, NE EN 681-1, NF EN 1277, NF EN ISO 9969, NF EN ISO 9967, NF EN ISO 1183-1, NF EN ISO 1133, NF EN 13598-1, NF EN ISO 527, NF EN 763, NF EN 13598-2.

NF EN 442-1
Technical specifications and requirements.

NF EN 13476-2+A1
Plastic pipe systems for underground connections and non-pressure sewers.

NF EN 13598-2
Plastic pipe systems for non-pressurized underground sewer connections and sewers.

NF EN ISO 9001
International standard specifying the requirements for a quality management system.

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