Compact sanitation systems

Compact systems, also known as intensive systems, are so-called approved solutions (approved by regulations) that offer an optimal way of treating wastewater.

Their main advantage lies in the fact that they save space compared with a traditional solution (sewage treatment, sand filter, etc.), but also in their ease of maintenance, which means that this solution lasts over time. Compact sanitation systems can be installed on any type of land.

The compact systems include microstations and compact filters that use natural filtration media, such as the Bionut solution (wastewater filtration using hazelnut shells).

Unlike traditional systems, these solutions are smaller, more efficient, and offer numerous advantages.

The advantages of compact sanitation systems

  • Space-saving: Compact sanitation systems are ideal for areas where space is limited (urban areas, housing estates, etc.)
  • An effective solution when one or more dwellings are not connected to the mains sewage system (e.g. in rural areas), or when the soil survey does not allow for the installation of a conventional system.
  • Reduced environmental impact: These systems minimize water pollution and help preserve water resources.
  • Adaptability: Compact wastewater treatment systems can be adapted to all types of land and to the specific needs of each site, making them a versatile solution.

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