Rainwater management is a crucial factor in protecting the environment and preserving water resources. Rainwater becomes runoff when it flows over impermeabilized areas. In so doing, it carries pollutants into watercourses and groundwater. To meet these challenges, SIMOP offers a complete range of innovative and effective stormwater treatment solutions.

rainwater treatment

SIMOP Solutions for Stormwater Treatment

Rainwater storage and recovery

Rainwater is a resource, not a waste product. It should be treated as a precious commodity and valorized. It can be stored for reuse.

    SIMOP offers simple storage systems and rainwater harvesting/reuse tanks. These solutions enable rainwater to be collected for reuse in a variety of domestic and industrial applications, thereby reducing the demand for drinking water. Rainwater harvesting tanks are designed for easy installation and optimum integration into your environment.

    Stormwater treatment

    To treat run-off water, SIMOP offers several devices:

      1. Hydrocarbon Separators: These systems separate hydrocarbons from water, guaranteeing discharge in compliance with environmental standards.
      2. Hydrodynamic Separators: Designed to capture debris, microplastics and light liquid pollutants, SIMOP’s hydrodynamic separators ensure effective, proven filtration (verified by CSTB, ETV) of runoff water before infiltration into the ground or storage for reuse.
      3. Particle Settlers: These allow the sedimentation of solid particles present in rainwater, ensuring better quality of the water discharged.

      Rainwater regulation

      Stormwater regulation is essential to prevent flooding and manage peak flows. SIMOP offers regulation solutions adapted to various urban and rural contexts, guaranteeing safe, controlled management of rainwater.

      Find out more about regulations

      To find out more about rainwater treatment regulations and current standards, please visit our dedicated page: Rainwater Treatment Regulations.

      By choosing SIMOP solutions, you contribute to the sustainable and efficient management of water resources, while complying with environmental and legal requirements. Contact us for more information or a personalized consultation.

      Somes Definitions …


      Rainwater is the name given to rainwater after it has touched the ground or a built or natural surface likely to intercept or collect it (roof, terrace, tree, etc.). According to the French Standards Association (1983), it is « water from atmospheric precipitation that has not yet been loaded with soluble substances from the earth »

      Runoff water

      Runoff, or surface runoff, from rain, melting snow or other sources, flows over the surface of the ground and is a major component of the water cycle.

      As runoff flows along the ground, it can pick up soil contaminants such as hydrocarbon pesticides or fertilizers, which then spill or run off overland (pesticide drift).

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