Wastewater treatment is an essential step in preserving the environment and ensuring public health. Wastewater, whether from homes, industries, or commercial establishments, contains contaminants that must be removed before the water can be safely released back into nature or reused. At SIMOP, we offer a range of innovative and effective solutions to meet various wastewater treatment needs.

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SIMOP Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

Compact Wastewater Treatment Systems

Compact wastewater treatment systems are designed for homes or facilities that cannot connect to a municipal sewage system. These systems are ideal for rural areas or isolated locations. SIMOP’s compact solutions provide high treatment efficiency in a small footprint, while being easy to install and maintain.

Today, there are a number of purification techniques available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. SIMOP has decided to use the technique of fixed culture on a fluidized bed for microstations BIOXYMOP, and to use a natural media based on hazelnut shells for compact filters BIONUT.

Traditional Wastewater Treatment Systems

Traditional wastewater treatment systems include devices such as septic tanks and systems for soil infiltration or dispersal. These solutions are well-suited for individual homes and small communities. SIMOP offers robust and durable systems designed to ensure effective wastewater treatment while complying with current environmental standards.

Grease Separation

Grease separation is a crucial step in treating wastewater from kitchens and food service establishments. SIMOP’s grease separators are designed to prevent fats, oils, and other greasy substances from entering sewer or treatment systems. By capturing these substances at the source, our systems help prevent blockages and protect downstream treatment facilities.

Learn More About Regulations

Wastewater treatment is strictly regulated to protect the environment and public health. For more information on the standards and requirements for wastewater treatment, please visit our regulations page.

Model sizing and selection

Facilities must be sized according to the flow of pollution to be treated (expressed in People equivalents (PE), which must be equal to the number of main rooms (PP) and enable all wastewater (black water and grey water) to be treated together. However, black water may be treated separately from household wastewater in the case of retrofits with this configuration, or where dry toilets are used.

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A complete range of solutions

SIMOP manufactures product solutions for the environment. These innovative solutions enable the treatment, storage and reuse of wastewater and rainwater.
SIMOP also offers solutions for roadways and safety-related equipment.
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