Bionut, ecological sanitation for residential housing

For their main residence, the owners of this attractive house entrusted their sanitation to BIONUT by SIMOP!

Here’s a closer look at the installation of an in-line Bionut 8EH equipped with a lifting station.

Why choose BIONUT from SIMOP?

  • Ecological sanitation: Bionut treats your wastewater with recycled hazelnut shells that can be composted at the end of their life, and it works: the water leaving the sanitation system is purified and can be infiltrated or discharged into the ditch.
  • Ultra-compact sanitation: we avoid sanitation in the middle of the garden and can enjoy our garden and make plans!
  • Economical sanitation: no energy consumption by the filter, low maintenance frequency, good value for money.
Bionut 8eh RDV chantier carre
Bionut 8eh RDV chantier carre2
Bionut 8eh RDV chantier carre3
Bionut 8eh RDV chantier carre4

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