Pre-filter / Vertical decolloider

[6368]  Pre-filter / Vertical decolloider - Main image
[6368]  Pre-filter / Vertical decolloider - Main image

• The decolloider is also known as a prefilter or clogging indicator. It is installed after an all-water tank to prevent
premature clogging of downstream installations (landfills, filter beds…). The decolloider acts as a « fuse ». Suspended matter is trapped by the filter material contained in the decolloid.

• The ETC 200 cells, made of HDPE, a synthetic, rot-proof and unalterable material, are as effective as pozzolan at a much lower weight (specific surface 300m2/m3, 90% porosity, density 70 kg/m3). These spheres are delivered in a net with a volume of around 500 liters, weighing around 35 kg, and are easy to handle with the gallows during maintenance operations.

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