Runoff water depollution with TRITHON

This industrial activity leads to the deposition of small amounts of pollution on the ground (micro-plastics, hydrocarbons, pneumatic particles…). To protect the surrounding environment, 2 TRITHON hydrodynamic separators were installed.

No less than 9,000m2 have now been cleaned!

The TRITHON separators were placed upstream of two retention basins. The latter are thus preserved from various pollutants and won’t need regular cleaning.

  • This waste will not end up in our rivers or oceans.
  • La fauna and flora are thus preserved!

A Better stormwater management means decentralization: we need to treat as close as possible to the pollution to avoid pollutants dissolving.

When it comes to pollution, we’re all responsible: cities, villages, recycling sites, industries, coastal areas, ports and airports. It doesn’t take much to make a difference !

Appointment at the site TRITHON
Appointment at the site TRITHON4

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