[6365] Pre-filter - Main image
[6365] Pre-filter - Main image

The decolloid has a role of fuse, the suspended matter is trapped there, thus protecting the elements located downstream of the die (sand filter …). It is operational after filling with pozzolan (independent supply). The effluent arrives in the upper part of the filter bed, in order to facilitate maintenance operations in the event of clogging (this principle limits the actions of removal of the filter material at each inspection and emptying). The decolloid must be filled with pozzolan, a mineral, heavy filter material (regular particle size between 20 and 40 mm). Reminder: The pozzolan must be ordered separately and it is delivered in bags of 40kg (about 59 liters) reference PZ01.

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POUZZOLANE SAC 40KG+TPS29 GRANUL.20/50 (Volume 58/59 litres)

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